Planning crawl space encapsulation in Brunswick, GA? Don’t let these mistakes hinder your progress. The encapsulation experts at Premier Restoration Services have compiled a list of 5 crucial pitfalls to avoid. Enhance your property’s moisture protection and ensure a healthy, durable crawl space for your property’s longevity.

Mistakes Made by DIYers During Crawl Space Encapsulation in Brunswick, GA

Mistake #1: No Crawl Space Sump Pump

Not installing a sump pump is a crucial mistake DIYers make during crawl space waterproofing. The sump pump removes accumulated water to ensure flooding doesn’t occur. You need a sump pump, especially if you live in flat lowland areas; otherwise, you could end up with a flooded crawl space and mold damage to follow. Adding one during crawl space encapsulation is crucial, especially if you live in the high flood-risk area of Brunswick, GA.

Mistake #2: No Check Valve

Some DIYers also make the mistake of leaving out the check valve installation during crawl space waterproofing. This simple device prevents the backflow of water. If not installed, water may flow back into the sump pump basin, causing the system to strain from continuous drainage.

Mistake #3: Water Discharge Lines Near the Foundation | Crawl Space Encapsulation in Brunswick, GA

When water accumulates in the sump pump basin, it drains into the discharge lines. These pipes drain water away from the property. However, some people make the mistake of keeping the discharge line short. Short lines could pose a risk to the property foundation. Ensure the lines run at least 15 feet from the property foundation walls. Consult with a professional crawl space encapsulation expert about the optimum distance of discharge lines away from your Brunswick, GA, property.

Mistake #4: Painting Over Foundation Walls

As foundation walls provide structural integrity and support the entire property’s weight, they’re deemed the most fundamental property component. With such significance, it’s also crucial to consider their protection from moisture damage. Some homeowners make the mistake of using waterproof paint to protect these walls. However, these paints can’t prevent water for long even if applied correctly. Vapor barriers are a better alternative to waterproofing paints.

Mistake #5: Not Hiring Pros for Crawl Space Encapsulation in Brunswick, GA

Not calling a professional crawl space encapsulation service is the biggest mistake homeowners can make. These professionals know what techniques and systems to implement to ensure quality crawl space waterproofing. By calling in an expert, you’re more likely to prevent any mistakes from happening that may put your property at risk.

Protect your property from flooding, backflow, and foundation issues. Choose professional crawl space encapsulation at your Brunswick, GA, home to ensure a durable and secure crawl space.

Hire Premier Restoration Services for Crawl Space Encapsulation in Brunswick, GA

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