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Area Rug Cleaning


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Owning your own area rug adds beauty and sophistication to your home. However, it also requires immediate and direct attention throughout the year. Unlike your carpet, an area rug might prove a bit more challenging to clean due to the fine nature of its construction. Due to this, you need to bring in our professional staff from Premier Restoration Services to help you clean the rug. Whether it is an older oriental rug or it is a new area rug, our team is able to help you out with maintaining the rug and ensuring it always looks its very best. This way, you never have to worry about the quality of the rug or any dirt that is brought in from the outside.

We are able to service the rug, regardless of the age or cause of stain. This way, you can have a comfortable, clean rug, free of stains, dirt, and smells, without potentially risking your rug to further damage because you used the wrong home cleaner.

Home cleaners are designed for mild spot problems on installed carpet. However, for larger stains or for a quality area rug, it is important for you to give us, Premier Restoration Services, a call for all of your area rug cleaning needs. We can service your rug and return it to as good as new conditions.