The process of removing water from a flooded property is complex, with the duration depending on many factors that can influence the process.

In general, a professional water removal company in St. Simons, GA, should be able to begin extracting excess water from your property within 24 hours of being contacted. This is crucial as the longer water remains in your property, the greater the potential for structural damage and mold growth.

This blog post discusses the factors that can affect the duration of water removal, as well as the typical timeline and steps involved in the process. By understanding these factors, you will better understand what to expect from your chosen water damage restoration services.

 Factors Affecting the Duration of Water Removal | Water Removal Company in St Simons, GA

  • Quantity of Water: The quantity of water requiring extraction from your property significantly impacts how long the procedure will take. The more water there is, the longer it will take to extract and dry out.
  • Type of Water: The type of water involved can also impact the duration of the removal process. Clean water from a burst pipe will be quicker to remove than contaminated water from a sewage backup or flood.
  • Property Size: Your property’s size and layout also play a role in the duration of water removal. Larger properties or those with multiple levels may take longer to extract and dry out.
  • Severity of Damage: The extent of water damage can impact the duration required for water removal. If there is significant damage to walls, flooring, or other structural components, it may take more time to extract and dry out the area properly.
  • Access to Property: The accessibility of your property can also impact the duration of water removal. If there are obstacles or limited access points for equipment, it may take longer to complete the extraction process.
  • Equipment and Techniques Used: The type of equipment and techniques used by the water damage restoration company can also affect the duration of the process. Advanced equipment may extract and dry out the water more quickly.

Steps for Water Removal

  1. Initial Assessment: When you contact a water removal company in an emergency, they will conduct an initial assessment. It involves determining the source and category of water damage, as well as assessing the extent of the damage.
  2. Stopping The Source: Before any water removal can begin, preventing the water intrusion or leak source is essential. This may involve shutting off a valve or repairing a burst pipe.
  3. Extraction of Water: The water removal process begins once the source has been stopped. Your water damage restoration company will use specialized equipment to extract standing water from your property.
  4. Drying Process: The drying process begins after all visible water has been extracted. This may involve dehumidifiers and fans to remove excess moisture from the air and surfaces.
  5. Monitoring: As the area dries out, experts will continuously monitor the moisture levels to ensure they return to normal. They may also use mold remediation techniques to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  6. Restoration: Restoration starts after the area has been thoroughly dried and deemed safe. It may involve repairing or replacing damaged materials and structures, such as drywall, flooring, and furniture.
  7. Final Inspection: Lastly, your water removal company in St Simons, GA, will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything is restored and no further issues are present.

A Professional Water Removal Company in St Simons, GA, is Your Best Bet

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