Flood-proofing your home can protect you from spending heavily on flood damage cleanup. Even so, you can only do so much to prevent flooding. When it happens, call Premier Restoration for an immediate restoration. We provide flood damage cleanup in St. Simons and the environs.  

Tips For Preventing Flood Damage

Insure Your Property

As a homeowner, you need a policy covering claims arising from flood damage. Flood damages are expensive to address; therefore, it helps to get flood insurance. If you are anticipating a flood, getting flood insurance as early as possible is best, keeping in mind that the policy can take 30 days to mature. 

Prepare Your Home Beforehand | Flood Damage Cleanup

Whether in a flood-prone area or not, preparing your home for flood damage can help cut costs when floods surface. Floods can occur anytime; therefore, having a professional on board should be a priority. Premier Restoration is available for flood damage cleanup in St. Simons, so call us in the event of a flood. 

Flood-proof Your Home

If you live in a flood-prone area, consider flood-proofing your home before the flooding season. Install a sump pump in the basement, raise your home’s foundation, repair the roofing system and ensure the drainage line works optimally. 

You can make minor adjustments to prepare your home for flood damage. However, these improvements may not save your home from a flood. In the event of flooding, call us at Premier Restoration. We provide flood damage cleanup in St. Simons and will gladly take up the challenging job of restoring your house.