Water damage results from various situations; leakages, broken water pipes, and natural causes. Responding quickly to water damage by following the correct process is essential. Premier Restoration is a professional company that provides water damage restoration in St. Simons, helping you reduce the risks associated with water damage. 

So why do homeowners in St. Simons need water damage cleanup? 

To Get Rid of Standing Water 

Removing standing water is a significant step toward protecting your family’s health and safety. Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. The simplest way to clean water damage is to pump it into an outside drain. 

At Premier Restoration, we provide water damage restoration services to homeowners in St. Simons and the environs. We use several processes, such as physical removal and drainage systems, depending on the volume of water. 


To Remove Porous Materials 

Porous materials can hold large amounts of water. In case of saturation, homeowners should immediately dispose off porous materials. Items contaminated with mold should undergo thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The surface should also be appropriately cleaned and dried using air or heat. 


To Remediate Contaminated Areas


Remediation after the occurrence of a water disaster is essential. The remediation process involves disposing of contaminated materials intending to leave the home clean. Remediation helps reduce water damage’s effect on people and the environment. 


To Control Polluted Run-off 

Homeowners should be aware of contaminated run-off in water. This poses severe risks to people, plants and animals. The pollutants can include fertilizers, faecal matter and herbicides. Premier Restoration provides the best solution to controlling polluted run-off. Our technicians have skills in installing a green roof to filter pollutants. 

Premier Restoration is your solution to all your property damage concerns. Reach out to us today for water damage restoration and other related services.