The kitchen is the heart of every home and in the event of water damage, it can suffer extreme damage. Water damage is stressful, but hiring a water damage restoration company is the secret to fixing your problems. Remodeling your kitchen after water damage has several benefits. 


The following are reasons you need to remodel and restore your kitchen after the damage. 

To Avoid Buckling of Floors and Cabinets 

One of the most common problems of water damage in the kitchen is the buckling of wallpapers, floors and cabinets. Water below your flooring damages the foundation hence causing buckling. Wood is porous; it absorbs a large amount of water which causes easy deterioration. Fixing water damage immediately also reduces the chances of mold growth. 

To Get Rid of Mold 

Mold growth is the most dangerous result of water damage. Mold poses health conditions and also creates further damage to your property. Exposure to mold causes allergic reactions, headaches and respiratory problems. 

If mold growth lacks quick removal, it may result in structural damage to home property. The effects are likely to get worse with time. Thanks to our able team at Premier Restoration, you can get water damage restoration at an affordable rate. 

To Improve Functionality 

Above everything else, we all need a functional kitchen to meet our needs. Working in a kitchen with water damage can be messy. Remodeling your kitchen by replacing walls and cabinets is the best way to improve its functionality. Premier Restoration is a call away to restore your kitchen to its functionality after water damage. 

To Ensure Food Safety and Cleanliness 

It is the kitchen where homeowners prepare food. The kitchen should therefore be kept clean for health reasons. Water damage does affect not only home appliances but also your food and safety. Allowing standing water for 24-48 hours causes the development of mold and diseases. This is dangerous to human health, especially after contamination with food. 

At Premier Restoration, we provide water damage restoration services, such as restoring and remodeling your kitchen. Contact us today to remodel your kitchen effectively and efficiently.