Water disaster restoration involves inspection, extraction, sanitization and remodeling if required. This is why specialists with the right equipment and knowledge should undertake this process. 


The most significant step in the water restoration process is knowing the cause of the water damage to start the process by following the appropriate steps. So, what is the process of water damage restoration? 

Inspect the Water Damage 

A specialist can conduct an inspection to determine the source of water damage, the category of contamination and the remediate measures to take. Identifying the water source is related to the cause of water damage. After ascertaining, stopping the water flow and determining the contamination category is vital. 


Get Rid of Standing Water 

When your home is flooded, it is vital to eradicate stagnant water. Homeowners can use extractors such as industrial vacuums. After removing all the standing water, it is advisable to remove surface water using dry vacuums. Fortunately, at Premier Restoration, our specialists take time during extraction of standing water, to ensure an effective water damage restoration process.


Dry the Affected Areas 

A water-damaged home takes quite a long period to dry. This varies depending on the extent of water damage and the areas affected. The more drying equipment you have, the more your home dries fast. Air drying is the most straightforward technique; you allow your items to dry in the air. 

You can also increase drying by opening windows and other outlets. Dehumidifiers also

come in handy to fasten drying. They cover a wide area making it easy for homeowners living in larger spaces. It is, however, beneficial to seek professional help from a water restoration company. 

When your home suffers water damage, it is essential to act quickly before it worsens. Premier Restoration is a well-known water damage restoration company that helps repair water damage restoring your home to functionality. Contact us any time of the day to start the water restoration process.