As a homeowner, there’s a high likelihood that you will face water-damaged drywall in the future if your plumbing system or roofing is not appropriately maintained. 

Calling a professional water damage restoration in contractor is the best option whenever you notice signs of water damage in your drywall. At Premier Restoration, we thoroughly assess every form of water damage to ensure proper restoration strategies.

How Can You Repair Drywall After Water Damage? 

Repair the Leak | Water Damage Restoration

Water damage repair starts with containing the source of the problem. Regardless of whether your leak is small, you should fix the leak first before proceeding with the repair. 

Make a small hole in the damaged section of your drywall to identify the leaking pipe. Then replace the damaged line with an appropriate one. 

For extreme water damage, getting a professional is recommended. Premier Restoration provides water damage restoration in St. Simons and can come on board and help you restore your drywall. 

Replace Sagging Drywall 

Continued exposure to water will result in sagging drywall. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might need to replace the entire wall or a section of it. You can hire professionals for effective repair, especially if the damage is extensive.

Remove the Mold | Water Damage Restoration

Prolonged moisture exposure will encourage mold growth on your drywall. If the structure of your drywall is strong, yet you have a mold infestation, consider removing the mold using a diluted bleach solution. 

If you are allergic or unaware that the mold is poisonous, get professional help to ensure safe and effective mold removal.

At Premier Restoration, we provide water damage restoration in St Simons and its environs. Our team will save you the hassle of repairing your water-damaged home while getting you back to regular operation as soon as possible.