When water damage occurs, carpets are most prone to damage, and they can cause further damage to the adjacent components. In the event of such, getting a reliable water damage professional can help you save on costs while getting your home back to functionality. 

Premier Restoration provides water damage restoration in St. Simons, and thanks to our able team, you do not have to worry about the extent of the damage. We will take up the job and restore your home in due time. 

Signs of Carpet Water Damage

Musty Smell

Water damage could be the cause of the musty smell on your carpet. Carpets are absorbent; therefore are bound to build up moisture over time. This, together with the carpet’s fabric, results in a musty smell, increasing the risk of mold and mildew growth.  

Soggy Carpet

You may pass a damp carpet, especially if you have pets or small children that may have caused a mess. But if your carpet is soggy and has clear watermarks, it is a sign of water damage. A soggy carpet indicates fresh water damage, which can be easily managed with immediate intervention. 

Discoloration and Fading | Water Damage Restoration

Old water damage on your carpet can result in discolored and faded patches, especially on parts where water soaked the most. It takes a small amount of water for your carpet to start fading, so if you notice discoloration, water damage might also have affected your flooring. 

If you notice this, the first thing you should do is hire professionals for water damage restoration. That way, you can ensure an intense assessment of the components adjacent to the carpet for effective repairs. 


Your carpet will warp if left in contact with standing water. Check for wrinkles on your carpet and inspect the area around it to see if the water damage has affected the baseboards. 

Water damage can be a stressful issue, not forgetting the costs associated with restoration. If you are looking for professionals for water damage restoration in St Simons, Premier Restoration is a call away.