The basement is prone to flooding, especially in the spring when the snow melts and storms begin. If it happens, seek professional services to ensure effective restoration. Premier Restoration provides flood damage cleanup in St Simons, and you can call them for timely restoration after a flood.

Below are tips for cleaning a flooded basement.

Remove Affected Items

Cleanup is easier if the basement is as open and empty as possible. Start by removing all the affected items to avoid mold growth and salvage those that can be saved. If you have carpet in the basement, strip it off and set it outside to dry.

Extract water

Remove all the water in the basement using sump pumps or wet vacuums. If the water is too much to manage with the tools you have, consider hiring professionals for the job. If you need flood damage cleanup in St. Simons, Premier Restoration has industrial-grade extraction equipment for effective restoration.

Dry the Area

Your restoration company will use dehumidifiers and fans to dry the basement. The idea is to remove as much moisture as possible and prevent mold growth. If your basement has windows, keep them open for a few days to remove as much moisture as possible.

Clean and Disinfect

After drying, clean and disinfect the area before you return everything; clean the walls, foundation floor, and the drywall. You may need to discard some things, repair some components or replace them.

Getting your basement back in order after flooding can be overwhelming. Thanks to Premier Restoration, you do not have to worry about that. The team of professionals provides flood damage cleanup in St. Simons, ensuring effective extraction, drying, and restoration of your home after floods.