The crawlspace is often neglected, yet it can be a spot for unseen water damage. Water can build up gradually, causing a disaster in the long run. If this happens, Premier Restoration can help you sort the mess. We provide water disaster restoration in St. Simons, so you can call us for restoration.

When water gets into your crawlspace, it starts to seep into the components of your house, that is, the walls, ceilings, etc. If your energy bill increases, it could be the extra energy your heating system is using to heat your water-damaged crawlspace.

The site can be a breeding ground for mold, which has startling effects on surfaces, not forgetting the health risks. Also, if your crawlspace is infested with pests, it could indicate moist and warm conditions, most probably from water damage.

Here is what you should do.

Address Water Damage Immediately

Once you figure out the water source in your crawlspace, start on restoration as soon as possible. Call premier Restoration for timely and effective cleaning and restoration of your crawlspace. We provide water disaster restoration in St. Simons, so you can reach out to us if you are in the area.

Maintain the Crawlspace

After restoration, keep the crawlspace clean and dry at all times. Run thorough inspections from time to time to ensure there are no signs of water damage. If you find the slightest sign, address it immediately to prevent an even bigger problem.

Water in your crawlspace can be a disaster if you do not address it immediately. Get Premier Restoration to assess the situation and restore it before more problems come up. We are experts in water disaster restoration in St. Simons, so you can rest assured of quality and effective restoration.