Water damage in your home calls for a quick and effective repair. The costs can quickly add up whether the damage is from a broken water line or a flooded basement. Even so, it is essential to hire professionals for the job. Premier Restoration is a call away if you want water damage restoration in St. Simons.

The cost of water damage restoration depends on the damage’s extent, the property’s size, and the kind of repairs needed.

According to Fixr.com, the average national cost for water damage restoration in homes ranges between $1,200 to $5,000. The average homeowner pays about $3,000 for a standard gray water extraction process.

The cost may be as low as $350 if there is minimal damage, such as a clogged toilet. It can be as high as $50,000 for black water extraction with total dry-out, cleanup, and flooring replacement.

It can be challenging to get an exact quote before the experts can analyze the situation and estimate the damage. But on average, it costs about $3,000 to restore a home after water damage. Remember, the cost depends entirely on the damage and solution required after assessment.

Can’t I Get a Water Damage Restoration Quote Before the Assessment?

You can get a rough quote before the assessment; however, this might not be an accurate guide to what you can expect to pay. A quote beforehand might miss some essential repairs or underestimate the extent of the damage.

At Premier Restoration, we can give you an estimate of water damage restoration costs. Still, it is best to do so after an exhaustive assessment of the damage, the kind of repairs needed, and the time it will take for restoration.

Water damage restoration costs are not standard as many factors come into play. Suppose you have water damage in your home and looking for cost-effective water damage restoration in St. Simons. In that case, Premier Restoration is a call away. We will inspect your property and provide a comprehensive quote covering the cleanup, repairs, and replacements.