Your first measures after a basement flood will determine how fast you can save your property and how much coverage you can get from your insurance company. Calling your water damage restoration company will save you time and money and prevent extensive damage to your property.

If you are in St. Simons, Premier Restoration is a reliable water damage restoration that can help you in the event of water damage. Our team has the proper skill set and tools for a quick and effective repair. 

Here are a few safety precautions to keep in mind.

Stop Water Flow

You should first shut down the water source to prevent more water collection in the basement. Remember, many risks come with standing water, such as electrocution, so be sure of safety before accessing the flooding area.

Call professionals for Water Damage Restoration  

Since it can be challenging to ascertain the safety of the basement when flooded, it is advisable to seek professional help. At Premier Restoration, we take up the challenge of water damage restoration, ensuring you are safe throughout the process.

Electricity: Turn off the power to prevent any electrical accidents. In the case of an electrical fire, when the water causes a short circuit, evacuate and call 911.

Natural Gas: When there are gas leaks, call a natural gas provider who will turn off your gas. Have the units checked before service restoration once the water is removed?

Gray or Black Water: The water may carry chemicals, detergent, feces, or bacteria, so identify the moisture and wear protective clothing to restrict exposure to contaminated water.

Contact Premier Restoration for water damage restoration services. Our team is experienced in restoring different kinds of water damage, including flooded basements. And thanks to our heavy-duty equipment, you can rest assured of complete and safe restoration.